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Youth Program

Bunnies and Jackrabbits

Youth Program

The Bunnies program is designed for the 5 year old child new to x-country skiing. The focus of this program is to ensure that children are comfortable moving on skis and having fun. Games are used to teach classic skill technique, improve balance and to incorporate fun into skiing. Poles are introduced later in this program once balance and good body posture have been established. Program goals include basic classic techniques, rising and falling, side stepping, star turns, diagonal stride, herringbone, balance and agility, confidence on skis. This is a parent participation course.

The Jackrabbits program is specially designed for 6-9 year old children. This course focuses on the fundamental skills of cross country skiing including movement on skis, downhill techniques and trail etiquette, safety, balance, agility and coordination. This is accomplished through both structured and less structured ski experiences in a positive learning environment. Older skiers will be introduced to skate skiing and have the option to experience fun, low-key races.

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